estudio b was invited to design the Presentation & Show Space for Topman Design SS18, to provide the setting for a static exhibition and display of the new collection. Using the character of the post-industrial spaces of the Old Truman Brewery, as well as elements of the new line, the design uses a raw stripped backed material palette to create a backdrop for the models. Lighting is used to enhance the viewing experience while providing an atmosphere associated with London club scenes of the past.
The presentation stages was developed as a series of raised tiers, designed as a clean white landscape to contrast against the industrial building, allowing an array of different means to engage with the space. To complete the space, a large bar and seating area was installed using a similar language of clean linear elements to complement but also juxtapose with the existing concrete structure.

Location: Brick Lane - London, UK
Programme: Set Design | Fashion Presentation
Client: Topman | Family ltd
Status: Completed