estudio b worked on the design of a catwalk for the women’s clothing brand Ports 1961 at London Fashion Week in September 2017, producing a clean and stripped back aesthetic inspired by the 1995 A/W Showspace for Helmut Lang. The simple curved walls, used as devices for suggesting movement and to create a central focus within the space took reference from the houses of Toyo Ito in Japan. Bespoke lighting stands made from white painted steel hold large feature lights as if floating in the air. The walls were constructed from simple and cheap plasterboard panels, steamed and scored to create the elegant curved edges. The spatial configuration, seating layout and the meandering catwalk were intended to provide an intimate experience during the show, while the curved surfaces provided a sense of movement and transition during the performance.
Location: Regents Street, London, UK
Programme: Catwalk / Showspace
Client: Ports 1961
Status: Completed