Location: Banavie, Scotland
Programme: Installation

Status: Competition

Scottish Scenic Routes Finalist, 2015

‘Monuments of Banavie’

Inspired by the early sketches of JMW Turner on his travels through the lock of Banavie, two new monuments stand tall yet modest as a way of recognising the significance of this historic and beautiful landscape in the Highlands of Scotland. Like the towers at the Forts of ancient castles, the structures harness both a humble and cathedral-like character, tying together references to significant events while responding to the cultural landscape in which they sit.

The name Doúreios Híppos, referenced in Greek tradition as the ‘Wooden Horse’, best describes the proposal for these new signifiers as a way of attracting a target to be invited - or lured - into a place. The intention of the interventions are to establish a sense of meaning and to pull together the entirety of Banavie; to offer the visitor a new experience of the lock by re-interpreting the landscape and providing places for exploration of both the Caledonian Canal and the surrounding mountainscape. Key views and important moments are controlled through the unique design of each structure. As a pair they work together, but independently can work as marker points or locators for places of interest on the canal.