A renovation of a period apartment in Whitechapel was completed with the addition of bespoke joinery to provide additional storage in the form of a large window seat running the length of the room that doubles as a bench for the dining table. Ply-wood is used throughout to produce the bespoke bench with softwood battens providing slats for ventilation. A series of openable shutters introduced within the reveal allow for different levels of privacy and shade while retaining the original features around the windows. The bedrooms were dressed in a similar approach with full-height wardrobe space a long the main wall. A specially designed bedhead was produced as a space-saving solution with storage and bookshelves in the sides. The  material of the bedhead is in a patterned european plywood with a white oiled finish to match the cloudy pink walls. The project was carried out under difficult time constraints and on a very tight budget.

Location: Whitechapel, London
Programme: Residential / Interiors
Status: Completed