Chelski: Russian Encounters  

'A Tale of Four Cities'
Cities play an important role in defining oneself and their personality. As an architect, I would like to think that it would be possible to equally make a significant impact to the nature of the city and the environment we live in. What if this was a reality? What if we were actors with powers to change the shape and appearance of buildings around us? It is thought that through migration, cities develop and morph over time to accommodate fragments as new tales and forms of traditions. It has become clear that places and their communities create unique interdependent relationships with a diversity of perspectives with which the city was and is still being shaped.

This study examines the influence of four journeys by four famous Russian migrants on the built environment of London. Specifically, the investigation questions how the city has been conceptualised historically through the Russian perspective and how the contemporary phenomenon of Russians in London is still so miss-understood.

Through drawings and large-scale physical representations of built spaces, the public will be able to interact with an alternate view of the city and its architecture; an environment told through ‘a tale of four cities’. The pieces will be made of large concrete casts and metal etchings. The materiality and construction will question new forms of technologies such as 3d printed and glass-reinforced concrete (GRC).  It is my hope that by allowing the viewer to experience these pieces they will become aware of the wider environment around them.

Location: Chelsea, London UK
Programme: Research
Status: Ongoing