Proposal for the Architecture 1:1 at the Wellcome Collection

The 1:1 installation at the Wellcome Collection will draw new connections to links between health, learning and the built environment, at both extremes of life. The architectural commission is designed to provoke a conversation about spaces for young people, yet wants to draw connections to the importance of good design all stages of our lives. These ideas have been tried and tested in other countries and the techniques have been adopted and accepted by various societies including those in places like Northern Europe and Japan.

A full-scale mockup in Gallery 2 will provide the possibility of prototyping the results of this research and will include public engagement in the form of a series of talks and workshops throughout the duration of its installation. The outcomes of the workshops will help to form part of a continuation of research and help to create guidance for the future of design of early years learning environments

Location: Wellcome Collection, London, UK
Programme: Installation / Research 
Client: Wellcome Collection
Status: Competition

Photographs: Children’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Sou Fujimoto Architects, Japan